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Full-auto Glycated Hemoglobin HbA1c Analyzer AC6600 - HbA1c Analyzer - Taizhou Juhao Import & Export Co., Ltd.
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Full-auto Glycated Hemoglobin HbA1c Analyzer AC6600






AC6600 Full-auto Glycated hemoglobin HbA1c Analyzer

Basic Parameters

Testing Method

Low pressure ion-exchange liquid chromatography

Testing Item

Glycated hemoglobin HbA1c

Testing Scope

3% 18%

Testing Parameters

Precision (CV) 3%, Accuracy (V) 1.50%

Testing Time

 4 minutes (reporting), Full-processing 6 minutes (including cleaning column and recovery time)

Sample type

Venous blood (EDTA anticoagulation),Peripheral finger blood

Sample volume

5l whole blood for each sample

Functional Parameters


415nm LED Integral flow colorimeter

Sampling mode

Full-auto 25-position sample turntable (20 sample positions, 2 quality control positions, 1 emergency position, 1 cleaning position, 1 zero position)

Testing mode

Auto test for batch, single test for emergency


Optional selection of 2 points or 4 points calibration, optional selection of manual or automation, Equipped with 2 groups of high and low level calibrators

Thermostatic control

Column and reagent thermostatic control: 25 0.5

Reagent matching

One piece of column and reagent consumable/300 pieces of testing samples

Reagent allocation

 Each standard package includes A, B, C, D eluent, calibrator, hemolytic agent, pump tubing

Output Parameters


320x240 LCD Graphic Display, displaying real-time testing curve


58mm Thermal printer, printing testing curve and report

Report Output

IFCC concentration value, NGSP area percentage, ADAG average glucose

Data storage

1000 test report (including testing curve)

Communication interface

RS232 communication interface, connecting to HIS/LIS system

Working Parameters

Power Supply

AC220V22V  50Hz   65VA





Working Environment

Temperature 12-30棬Relative humidity 85%


* Accurate Principle of Methodology
Adopts classical and accurate principle of methodology C Ion exchange liquid chromatography, It is the gold standard of HbA1C analysis, and it is the only analysis method to really separate HbA1C directly by measuring the piecemeal absorbance through continuous test on line,? and obtain the correct area percentage with integration.


* Accurate separation 4-gradient elution
The novel 4-gradient elution for HbA1C can separate accurately glycated hemoglobin with 4-gradient elution of corresponding concentration reagent aiming at HbA1C instead of routine ?elution process produced by high and low concentration mixture.


* High Separation Liquid Chromatographic Column
High separation liquid chromatographic column made of imported resin with volume of 9mm x 45mm and weight of 2.5g which is 15 C 20 times greater than general micro chromatographic column. High efficiency chromatographic column for 300 tests ensure the accuracy of test results.


* High Sensitivity 415nm LED Integral Photometer
High sensitivity 415nm LED integral photometer has the characteristics of correct wavelength, stable light source, full aluminum alloy structure, high anti-interference performance, multi-lens focusing, micro cuvettes and high sensitivity. It can record accurately analysis curve.


* Supply with Original Calibrator
The international standard value tracing is adopted. The authoritative reference material for quality control is used to transfer the numeric value. Each set of reagent is supplied with two sets of calibrator for proper calibration so as to ensure that the test results are correct and reliable and thoroughly to avoid individual error caused by factor calibration.


* Precision Chromatographic Column and Thermostatic Apparatus
Precision chromatographic column and reagent thermostatic control apparatus ensure that Chromatographic column and reagent are not affected by environment temperature and effectively guarantees the repeatability and correctness of the test results.


* Real-time summarized chromatogram, Intelligence process detection
The advanced embedded micro processing system + intelligence control software can really display testing curve and the real redisplay of testing process and can monitor and alarm for test results, absorbency, signal potential, peak time and reagent consumption. It can be operated with high proficiency.


* Full-auto 25-position Sample Turntable, Optional Selection of Batch Test or Emergency Test
With full-auto 25-position sample turntable, it is unnecessary to use complicated rank sampling device and built-in hemolysis device. Batch test can be automatically carried out. Emergency test can be carried out at any time.


* Full-open Structure, perfect flow path, low failure and easy maintenance
Full-open structure, Perfect solenoid valve flow path, it is unnecessary to use complicated sample mechanical 6-way and rotating distribution control valve. It is reliable for use and easy for maintenance.


* 5l whole blood, three-step test, for both labs and clinics
5l whole blood, simple pretreatment, the whole blood sample can be tested on instrument after whole blood sample is added with hemolytic agent through three-step simple operation. Both venous blood and peripheral finger blood can be tested.


* With gas solution and bubble-removal technology, the error can be eliminated overall.
Since the instrument is equipped with reagent solvability gas eliminating device and applies the cuvette bubble auto detection eliminating technology, the air bubbles which affect the test results can be eliminated overall without the complicated degassing device.


* Saccharification concentration, area percentage and average glucose can be synchronously reported.
The instrument can output the data including IFCC concentration value, NGSP area percentage and ADAG average glucose on the test report synchronously to meet the requirement of world standardization. It may memorize 1000 test curve reports and is equipped with RS232 communication interface and can connect directly to HIS/LIS system.

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