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Centrifuge T80-1



General description
JH-80-1 is an old machine. It is possessed of these special feature following: it is beautiful in appearance, large capacity but small in bulk and has a complete- function and a stable performance, you can chose the speed that you need at the setrange, and it can keep balance autimaticlly, in addition , it has a little rate of increase in temperature and can be used efficiently and widely , It is a dependable instrument for qualitative analysis of serum , plasma and immunity in hospitals or chemical and biochemical  laboratories.


Technical data
1. Max speed: 4000rpm
2. Capacity: 20ML¡Á6 (Angle Rotor)
3. Max. rcf: £¾1790Xg
4. Fix Time: 0-60min
5. Power Supply: AC 220V¡À10% 50Hz¡À2%
6. Motor power: 25 W

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