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Automatic Tissue Processor JH-TS6A



JH-TS6A is an advance automatic tissue processor with micro control.. It is used to process organic tissue specimen, water deprived and wax soaking into tissue specimen. It works credibly, accurately timing and easy to use and maintain.
The product used for dewatering animal and vegetable tissues on pathological department in hospital and scientifical research unit.




  • Adopting computer to control whole work process, operate easily, working stabilization
  • It operates Flexible and convenient with exchange jar to put tissue any stations easily.
  • It gives alarm when power off and will protecting tissue in set liquid station, obstache protect function
  • Adopting agitation dehydrate mode, it makes tissue mixing with solvent, paraffin fully to reach good effect
  • The LCD display is in English, easy to use
  • Time design range is wide: delay time 59hr59min Each jar working hours longest 59hr59min, Time design least distance 1 min
  • Wax jar adopt constant temperature control system. Temperature precision high: The inner tank paint with TEFLON for anti pollution & anti corrosion
  • 9pcs 1.2L transparent medicine aquarium can observe tissue process state at anytime
  • There is also obstacle alarm function, user can use it better and more clear
  • According to user's need to tailor standby electrical source for 4-16 hours after power off


Technical Specifications:

  • Steps of processing tissue: 12steps
  • Glass container: Quantity 9 capacity 1.2L
  • Wax cup: Quantity3 capacity 1L Temperature range45¡«85¡æ¡À3¡æ
  • Process :Each cup working hours0¡«59hr59min
                 Delay process0¡«59hr59min
  • Vertically reciprocative motion of tissue basket: 3 times /min
  • Tissue basket specification: Barrel tissue basket--¡é   95x80mm;Layer nacelle---¡é95x80mm
  • Weight: 60kg
  • Dimension: (diameter) 660x (High) 550x 680(Tiptop) mm
  • Working voltage: AC220V  50Hz ¡¢AC110V  60Hz
  • Power draw: 500W
  • Room condition : Temperature range :£«5¡æ¡«40¡æ, humidity:©‚85£¥£¨20¡À5¡æ£©
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