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Roller Mixer KJMR-II - Blood Mixer - Taizhou Juhao Import & Export Co., Ltd.
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Roller Mixer KJMR-II



The instrument is used for complete mixing of blood, powder reagents, etc. in the anticoagulation tubes or vials.It is proved to be more accurate and convenient than the manual mixing by Shanghai Center for Clinical Laboratory as well as the big hospitals all over China. According to different specimen, we can provide various series, such as rolling and swing, CW/CCW rotation and speed adjustable machine. Also, the hollow shaft can be lengthened with limits to increase the mixing capacity. It is an ideal instrument for clinical lab.


Main Technical Data:
Speed: Swing: 0-80 times/min
Rolling: 0-80 r/m
Swing amplitude: 22¡À1mm
Power rating: 12W
Voltage: 220V¡À10% (50Hz)
N.W.: 3.6kg
External dimension: 394¡Á266¡Á98mm

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