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X-ray Unit For Mammography JH-Mo30 - Mammography - Taizhou Juhao Import & Export Co., Ltd.
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X-ray Unit For Mammography JH-Mo30



  • It is used to diagnose early mamma pathological changes.
  • Using the Mo. target X-ray tube can show the pathological changes details
  • A nipple areola cuticles fat galactophore canals glandular tissue connective tissue and blood vessels can be seen in the picture.
  • It has high correctness for distinguishing benign tumor and malignant tumor.
  • It can be moved to ward to photograph beside bed.
  • The unit can also be used to find foreign matters in human body and to do nondestructive inspection of right metal and nonmetal materials.


Main technical Parameter

X-ray generator

Stationary anode, single focus and bridge rectification

Max rated capacity

Current: 30Ma
Voltage: 34kVp
Time: 2s

Power supply

Voltage: 180~240V
Frequency: 50Hz
Power: not lower than 1.3kVA

Range of the timer


Film size

127mm x178mm

The movement of camera head mounting

Vertical: 630m; rotation: ¡À180¡ã
Adapt to different part of human

The camera head mounting horizontal range


Rotating angle of the module of the camera head mounting and the pole


Specification of X-ray tube/focal spot value

Model XD7-1.05/35 Stationary anode, focus 1mm

Transport dimension ( Lx W x H ) (mm)


Weight (kg)

N.W: 121 G.W: 195

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