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Neonatal Ventilator JH-400A - Ventilator - Taizhou Juhao Import & Export Co., Ltd.
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Neonatal Ventilator JH-400A




Air Compressor from THOMAS brand of America, very high performing and quiet!

1. Suitable for invasive and non-invasive respiratory treatment of newborn and about 10 year- old child.
2. Adopted opening high frequency ventilation technique, high frequency and small tidal volume ventilation mode.
3. Low airway pressure, little interference to bloodstream reflux, combination of oxygen go up rapidly when

4. Oxygen concentration can be adjusted between 21%~95%.
5. LED and digital display.
6. Multi- ventilation mode: HFJV, procedure control ventilation I & II (Pro I & Pro II),PEEP,CPAP,Manual

    1) Ventilation mode of Pro I are best for combination of oxygen
    2) Ventilation mode of Pro II are best for CO2 retention
7. Micro Processor controlled ventilator
8. Breathing Pathway to be open to atmosphere at all times by means of a venturi system
9. Pressure Support Ventilation (PSV) is designed and used in the weaning process and can be used without

    synchronous intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (SIMV)


Technical Specification

  • Frequency: 10¡«150 bpm
  • I/E ratio: 1:1¡« 1:3 and inverse ratio
  • Driving Pressure : 0¡«60KPa
  • Humidifying rate: ¡Ý6ml/h
  • Process Ventilation: T=10min,
  • ProI: T1 (150bpm): T2 (35bpm) =7:3
  • Pro II: T2 (35bpm): 1(150bpm) =7:3
  • Storage Battery: 4Ah, 12V. Rechargeable
  • SIGH: 3 breaths/min
  • Alarm: Alarm with sound and light when lack of power, or the airway pressure is over 1Kpa¡À0.2Kpa and alarm will last for 6 seconds when no oxygen
  • CPAP: 0¡«0.8KPa  PEEP: 0¡«0.5KPa
  • Oxygen Concentration : 40%¡«90%(without gas source)
                                         21%¡«90%(with gas source)
  • Ventilation Modes: HFJV; CPAP (Continuous positive airway pressure); Process ventilation;HFJV+SIGH; HFJV+PEEP; Manual ventilation
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