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Portable Oxygen Concentrator JH-3H



Fashionable style, selected material, compact structure, stream-line front panel, elegant profile, earphone shaped oxygen breathing apparatus made of Nano material, sterilizing and removing contamination, Multiple usage can be used at home, in a car and even place without power supply Mini size, economical power consumption. Air purifying and refreshing, using photocatalyst active carbon functions to remove dusts, bacteria and odor from air Mild airflow supplied for a harmonious atmosphere. Advanced technology could control to oxygen purity exactly to 30%. Via the flat button you can easily set the machine¡¯s working time and stop itself.


Airflow outlet: Approx 3+/-1.5L/min (standard atmospheric pressure)
Concentration: 29%+/-2% (standard atmospheric pressure)
Size: 260(L)*110(W)*170(H) mm
Weight: Generating unit+ adapter 2.00KG
Generating unit+ adapter+ lithium battery (15V, 4A) + charger 2.50KG
Power Consumption: average below 32W
Rated Voltage: AC 100-240V 50-60HZ or DC 12-17V
Noise: below 50dB
Application temperature: 5~40 Application humidity, below 90%RH
Storage temperature: 0~40 Storage humidity, below 80%RH












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