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Digital Surgical X-ray Equipment JH-8800



Main Configuration

Remote control operating table (with touch screen control) 1set
Imported Canada CPI X-Ray high frequency high voltage generator 1set
Remote diagnosis table 1set
Toshiba flat panel detector 1set
Monitor 1set
Toshiba high frequency X-Ray tube 1set
Electric Multi-leaf collimator 1set
High voltage cable 2 sets
Digital image system 1set


Main Technical Parameters



Technical Parameters











Internal Resistance


X-ray High Voltage System





Inverter Frequency



Tube Voltage

40kV¡ª150kV continuous adjustment

Tube Current

10mA¡ª630mA grade adjustment


0.1mAs¡ª630mAs grade adjustment



Control Interface

LCD button touch screen

Control Handle

One-button operating handle (control spot film, bed body and image system movement)

Digital Control X-ray Tube

Tube Focus; max/min

1.2mm / 0.6mm

Input Power

Big focus 75kW, small focus 27kW

Anode Thermal Capacity


Rotary Anode Speed


Digital Flat Penal Detector

Active Area


Pel Matrix£º


Pel Space:


Cycle Time:

Less than 6s

Limiting Resolution

3.5lp/mm typ

A / D Transition:

14 bit

Energy Range

40 - 150kVp

Max Dose Entrance (low gain)

4mR / frame

Data Output

16 data output Ethernet£¨1000BASE - T£©

Command Control:

Ethernet£¨1000BASE - T£©

Synchronous Exposure Control£º


Input power:

DC 24V 2A

Remote Diagnostic Table of Upper Tube

Movement range bed


Bed¡¯s transverse movement distance


Longitudinal movement distance of radiography frame and spot film device


SID (focus of X-Ray tube to screen distance)

1100 mm, 1500 mm

Method to control bed

Remote control, bed-control, soft boot and stay of frequency conversion

Rotated foot pedal


X-Ray tube to screen distance

1100¡«1500 mm two grades electric adjustment


Electric multi-leaf

Fixed grid for bed use

Grid density: 215L/INCH, ratio: 10:1, focal distance: 130cm, 18¡± ¡Á18¡±


Main Features
JH-8800 digital high frequency medical surgical X-Ray equipment has the following features: small occupied area, simple operation, wide suitability, big power, high inverter frequency and high image definition.


1. Creative thinking design opens a wide clinical function application
¡ôIt has the function for gastrointestinal spot film, orthopedic photography, paediatrics photography, gynecological photography (hystero-salpingography) etc various inspections, photography way is DR digital acquisition, it truly achieves no conversion digital.


2. First-class quality in global world, original imported high frequency host and high speed tube
¡ôThe highest inverter frequency 200 KHz high frequency high voltage generator
Constant direct current high voltage output, it can achieve high quality monochromatic X-Ray and eliminate the harmful effect of soft ray to image thoroughly.
¡ôEquipped with high performance and large capacity X-Ray tube
Adopt 0.6/1.2mm2 dual focus, 300KHU large capacity and high speed X-Ray tube£¬it is suitable for long time and high intensity clinical examination.


3. High definition digital image chain to ensure that minor lesions can not be passed.
¡ôImported DR flat panel detector, it does not need any conversion but it can finish digital photography of each position to achieve real direct digital.
¡ôDR flat panel detector DR connected with image processor achieves low noise and rich contrast image, edge enhancement filtering device makes the edge of image more clear and sharp.


4. Equipped with new digital image system achieves rich digital image processing function
¡ôAdvanced digital image processing function
Preassembled Windows XP professional operating system and professional image processing software.
Image playback: thumbnails view, sequence replay tools.
Image processing: W/L adjustment, arrows and words etc labels, angle and distance measurement, image scaling, translation, up/down conversion, left/right conversion, rotation, black and white reversal.
¡ôMage storage: image real-time storage, DICOM image send, ashampoo Burning Studio,
derived storage (choose various storage ways Bitmap, JPEG, AVI etc to be used in Word and
Power-point office software, it is convenient for the doctors to write diagnostic reports and
papers ).
¡ôDICOM3.0: can be connected with laser camera to print film and PACS NETWORK.
¡ôMedical record management: database management, graphic report, support for WORKLIST.


5. Comfortable, convenient and exquisite diagnostic table
¡ôVisual display of the man-machine interface, adopt touch screen control technology in global world, makes man-machine conversation more visual, convenient and easy to understand.
¡ôOne combined operating handle is easy to control the movement and spot fil of  bed body, image system and rotating foot pedal.
¡ôThe humanized design of the lateral switch in diagnostic table can control the movement of the table and image system, also make the operation nearby the station more convenient.
¡ôMoving range of the film spot device and image system is more than 720mm. It adopts the "machine move, people do not" control mode to finish a series of inspections from the esophagus to lower abdomen easily.

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