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200mA Medical X-ray Machine JH-200BZ - Fixed X-Ray Machine - Taizhou Juhao Import & Export Co., Ltd.
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200mA Medical X-ray Machine JH-200BZ



1. Single bed with single bulb
2. High visual and operational console with tube voltage, tube current, and photographic time display on the LCD monitor
3. Prestore 8 kinds of photograph parameters and select, modify, store the parameters under condition of choice        
4. Auto power and voltage control,kv continuously adjustable, auto Fault Alarm
5. Premier high voltage with high power SCR zero control circuit
6. X-RAY sub-assembles are equipped with Tangential-pipe kits
7. Photograph bed, column, Vibration Filter limiter integrated equipment without necessity of up-and-down tunnel     
8. Photography bed can be moved both laterally and vertically
9. Function of load chains, exposure time control ,Start and stop rotating anode, Preheat filament, sub-assembles temperature control, and so on



Main Technical Specification

Power Supply


single phase 220V/380V¡À10%


50Hz ¡À1%

Current (Max, instantaneous)


Internal resistance:220V:0.25¦¸ 380V:0.75¦¸

voltage &current

50mA, 100mA, 150mA, 200mA


0.04s ~6.3s in 22 shifts, electronic type

Photographic bed

Bed face (L*W*H) 1900*695*700mm
Moving range of table face 620mm¡Á200mm
1.Travel (in length):620mm ( inbreadth ) : 200mm
2.Grid density N28
3.Convergence distance of 100cm 4.Grid ratio R8

Pillar of X-ray tube

1. Moving in length along radiographic table: 1800mm or 1600mm
2. Distance to ground as moving up and down (along upright post): 630mm~1750mm
3.Rotary around the center of cross arm:¡À180º;
4.Rotary around the shaft line of X-ray annular tubes -10º~60º~+120º

Specification of X-ray tube

XD51-20.40/125 Small focus:1¡Á1mm, Big focus:2¡Á2mm
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