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X-Ray Film Processor JH-435T - X-ray Film Processor - Taizhou Juhao Import & Export Co., Ltd.
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X-Ray Film Processor JH-435T




                                                             Inside Frame                                                        Film-sending rack



Technology Date

  • Developed film size: 5" x 7"~14" x 17"
  • Max. developing width: 430mm (17")
  • Channel volume: developer 4.3L, fixer 3.6L, water 3.6L
  • Developing speed: 180S or 100-180S at option
  • Developing temp: 28 --35  at option
  • Developing capacity: 100pcs/h
  • Power source: AC220V, 50/60Hz
  • Power: 1.5kw


Product Characteristic:

  • Produce technology: The out casing are made of plastics mould. It's very strong, durable and anti-corrode.
  • Equipment Figure: New designed small body and beautiful outlook. Taking films very expediently due films turn above.
  • Install & Adjustment: Occupy small ground, install very freely, fit any dark room and put it on the table directly.
  • Film-Sending Frame: Safe Film-Sending systems come from one whole design, no films jamming or scratch.
  • High-Effect Drying: New wind route technical can blow all little water spot on the films. At the high net surrounding, can get distinct clear cut films.
  • Film-sending Board with Cover: Light and close film-sending cover board, operator may open lamp and leave after enter films. This design make work easily and improve work effect.
  • Critical Parts: The rollers' material can resist high-temperate and crystallization. No change shape and swell for using long time.
  • Circuit Control: Microprocessor controls heating, automatic check and touch films, replenishing chemicals.
  • Energy-Saving: Keep sleep situation when no films need process after a while. Stop heating and rolling, then cut enter water. This can save energy for max limit.
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