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Auto Biochemistry Analyzer JH-2288 - Biochemistry Analyzer - Taizhou Juhao Import & Export Co., Ltd.
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Auto Biochemistry Analyzer JH-2288




  • Entire wavelength response cup auto blank detection, auto deduct cup blank, remove deviation among cups, makes the result more accurate.
  • Convenient optional-like analysis pattern, batch input, item combination, STAT detect preferentially.
  • Bubbling spring clean, sample needle with Telflon coating and regent neddle fore flushing between in and out walls, make the pollution rate to minimum.
  • Real time display dynamic detection curve, entirely monitor reaction process.
  • When surpass linearity or sample is wrong, the instrument guarantees the result accuracy and reliability through dilute or change sample automatically.
  • Prefrect  QC management function, support High¡¢Middle¡¢Low QC, instant method statical processing , display and print STD¡¢dynamic QC chart.
  • Sample needle and reagent needle have anti-collision and liquid level detection function, can track and remind reagent residual volume.
  • Imported compressor non-fluorine strengthening refrigeration, self-contained power make it refrigerate with 24 hours uninterrupted and make the temperature of reagent tray 2¡æ-8¡æ adjustable.



Main technical

  • Light Source: Long life halogen lamp
  • Test Speed: 330test/h(constant speed)
  • Sample Position: 90 sample positions(including QC¡¢STD)
  • Reagent Position: 50 refrigerated reagent positions
  • Wavelength Range:300-700nm
  • Wavelength Accuracy : ¡À2nm
  • Temperature Control: 37¡æ¡À0.1¡æ
  • Range of  Absorbancy: 0-3.5A
  • Sample Volume:1-50ul  0.1ul step-by-step
  • Reagent volume: 1-500ul 1ul step-by-step
  • Analysis Method: End point, kinetics, two points ,dual wavelength, dual regent, multi-standard.
  • Alarm: Auto alarm when lack of water and full of the waste bottle.
  • Water consumption: 1.5-2L/h
  • Storage: Long time store lots of items programme parameters and patients material
  • Printer: outside printer ,select several kinds of print model at will
  • Power supply: 220V  50Hz



50 reagent positions with refrigerated fuction, support single and double reagent auto detect the residual volume of bottle reagent.




90 sample positions, sample¡¢STAT¡¢QC and stand can be setup freely, sample cup and blood taking needle can be used.

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