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Auto Biochemistry Analyzer JH-2280 - Biochemistry Analyzer - Taizhou Juhao Import & Export Co., Ltd.
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Auto Biochemistry Analyzer JH-2280




  • It can automatically optimize testing order, reduce waiting time, improve testing speed.
  • Automatic stirring and mixing, makes the mixture of sample and reagent more even, reaction more perfect.
  • Flexile and open reagent scheme, one reagent is available to many items.
  • Free set of calculation item of multi-item participation.
  • Completed quality-control scheme, different thickness of high, medium, low, support L-J and X-B quality control.
  • Dynamic real-time reaction curve monitors the disabled reagent timely, prompt too high thickness and make automatic dilution of sample.
  • Insert emergency at any time, and start emergency testing at first time.
  • In running, the graphic guide-view system of reagent and sample tray makes it easier to provide the user to look over and master testing information.
  • Strong database storage technology, hundreds of storage of result, with no influence to running speeds.
  • Complete setup to reference range as different sex and age provides convenience to clinical reference.



Main technical

  • Wavelength:8 filters, 340,380,405,492,510,546,578,630nm, or match as user¡¯s demand.
  • Temperature control: 25¡æ,30¡æ,37¡æ¡À0.1¡æ
  • Analysis method: end point, dynamic, fixed time, sample blank, reagent blank, absorbency, double-wavelength, etc.
  • Testing speed:200 samples/hour;
  • Reagent capacity: 3 reagent tray, 17 reagents/tray, 51 samples for one time ( including standard).
  • Crossed contamination:  ¡Ü1%.
  • Computer: Pentium computer chip.
  • Monitor: big-screen color monitor.
  • Printer: outside high resolution printer.
  • Keyboard: standard computer keyboard.
  • Exterior interface: bidirectional RS-232. USB interface
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