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Semi-auto Biochemistry Analyzer JH-D600 - Biochemistry Analyzer - Taizhou Juhao Import & Export Co., Ltd.
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Semi-auto Biochemistry Analyzer JH-D600





  • Overall measuring method 
    End point method(linear,non-linear),two point method, kinetic, single-double wavelength, absorbency, sample blank, all this can completely meet the determination to blood sugar, blood fat, liver function, ion and other biochemical items of medical health units
  • Large-volume storage
    Storage of over 200 test item programs, large-volume storage of smaple testing result, query and print at any time.
  • Flexible printing way 
    English print of item, any sample and general report sheet;
    English print of item parameter, quality-control chart and statistics date;
    Arbitrary query and print in term of date and sample number.
  • Complete quality control function
    Real-time display of quality-control chart, and query and print of L-J quality- control chart, X,S, and CV% at any moment.
  • Full-function specialization design
    Concave grating from overseas market, successive and adjustable wavelength, and high optics performance, ensures accurate and reliable result.
    Complete self-check function makes sure that each system of the instrument can finish self-check after turning it on and give out failure prompt;
    Power-off protection makes sure that parameters and results cant be lost when power is off;
    Date process function can recalculate result according to quality-control value;
    Real-time and dynamic display, displays reaction curve of kinetic, and monitors the reaction course;
    Color and big-screen display ,can make operation as the real time prompt in the whole course;
    Display of item parameters in the same screen is easy to look over setting.
  • Complete date management system
    Automatically receive, send or copy test date, and database enjoys the lead-in and lead-out function;
    Freely setup calculation item ,and automatically generate calculation result of item;
    Enjoy international standard RS-232 interface, the instrument can realize upgrade by linking with personal computer.



Main technical

  • Wavelength range: arbitrary setup between 330-800nm
  • Wavelength precision : 1nm
  • Absorbency testing range: -0.3~3.0Abs
  • Absorbency resolution:0.001Abs(display)0.0001Abs(inner)
  • Stability: 0.002Abs/h
  • Crossed contamination: 1%
  • Flow computer cell: 10mm  32ul
  • Temperature control:25, 30,37,room temperature
  • Temperature accuracy: 0.1
  • Absorbing sample capacity one time: arbitrary set between 100ul and 2000ul
  • Display:10.4,color, liquid crystal.
  • Printer: build-in 110mm wide line high-speed thermal sensitive printer.
  • Power supply: 220V15%  50Hz2%
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