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Semi-auto Biochemistry Analyzer JH-D200A - Biochemistry Analyzer - Taizhou Juhao Import & Export Co., Ltd.
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Semi-auto Biochemistry Analyzer JH-D200A




  • Adopt imported concave grating as dispersion element, with adjustable full wavelength, little wavelength error, high optical performance, driving grating by computer with no need adjustable.
  • Control and spectrum data process through computer.
  • Large screen, English and image display, Man-machine dialogue operation.
  • Print, store and setup wavelength automatically, real-time screen display.
  • English print of any item, any sample, universe report, quality control report,
  • Quality control chart and item parameter.
  • Store 200 biochemistry items, adopting full open programming, and arbitrary choice for reagent.
  • Display standard curve of non-linear end-point method, reflection linearity of the rate method, monitoring the veracity of sample result.



Main technical

  • Wavelength range: arbitrary setup between 330-800nm
  • Wavelength precision : 1nm
  • Absorbency testing range: -0.3~3.0Abs
  • Absorbency resolution:0.001Abs(display)0.0001Abs(inner)
  • Stability: 0.002Abs/h
  • Crossed contamination: 1%
  • Flow computer cell: 10mm  32ul
  • Temperature control:25, 30,37,room temperature
  • Temperature accuracy: 0.1
  • Absorbing sample capacity one time: arbitrary set between 100ul and 2000ul
  • Display: Large screen, English, liquid crystal display.
  • Printer: build-in wide line high speed thermal sensitive printer.
  • Power supply: 220V15%  50Hz2%
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