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Dental Unit JH-216 - Dental Unit - Taizhou Juhao Import & Export Co., Ltd.
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Dental Unit JH-216


Standard accessories

  • High speed air turbine handpiece tie-in.                                              2sets
  • Low speed air motor handpiece tie-in.                                                1set
  • Three way syreinge.                                                                           1set
  • Automatic cup filler.                                                                           1set
  • Water strong suction& saliva week suction.                                        1set each
  • Dental operation light.                                                                        1set
  • Ceramic spittoon.                                                                               1set
  • Purified water-supplied system.                                                           1set
  • Dental stool.                                                                                       1piece
  • Inductive air-locked rotary arm system.                                                1set
  • Multifunctional foot controller.                                                              1set
  • Panoramic X-ray film viewer.                                                               1set
  • 24V noiseless DC motor chair.                                                            1set
  • Comfortable backrest& seat.                                                                1set
  • High-grade adjustable headrest                                                             1set



  • Power supply: 220V. 50Hz
  • Air Pressure:  0.55MPa
  • Water Pressure: 0.2MPa~0.4MPa



  • Curing Light
  • Scaler
  • Dental air compressor
  • Intra Oral Camera
  • Sense dental operation light.
  • Two-way of four-way high speed air turbine H.P
  • Two-way of Four-way low speed air turbine H.P.
  • Genuine leather chair cushion.
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