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Microplate Washer JH-W3000 - Microplate Washer & Reader - Taizhou Juhao Import & Export Co., Ltd.
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Microplate Washer JH-W3000




  • The touchscreen menu operation , self-define board type and wash mode .
  • Discretionarily arrange wash process, setup cycling start point,end point and cycling times; needles of imbibitions and injection can be separated and moved, and also be precleaned.
  • The injection speed can adjust anti-overflow fluid.
  • Imbibition needle horizontal position can be adjusted.
  • Wash Mode: Convention, Two-point and cleaning imbibition.
  • Washing tips can be auto positioned, the height of feeding and imbibing can be adjusted.
  • The pipeline has the function of automatic washing with fixed time, and the washing time can be adjusted.


Main Technical

  • Injection Accuracy: ¡Ü2%
  • Residual volume: ¡Ü2ul/well
  • Channels: three channels, with the fluid induction device.
  • Wash Tips:8 and 12
  • Washing Mode: board, lath,random strips
  • Washing volumn:1~9999ul(1ul increasing)
  • Washing times:1~99
  • Soaking Time£º0~99 hours 99 minutes (continuously adjust)
  • Delay time: 0~99 Seconds
  • Washing mode: storage 99 washing programmes.
  • Plate Mode: Storage 10 Plates
  • Vibrate Function: Quick , Middle, Slow selectable.
  • Vibrate Time:0~99 minutes 99 seconds
  • Soaking needles time:0~99 hours 99 minutes
  • Auto Prcleaning interval time :0~99 minutes.
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