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Microplate Analyzer JH-M3000 - Microplate Washer & Reader - Taizhou Juhao Import & Export Co., Ltd.
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Microplate Analyzer JH-M3000




  • Big screen LCD display, touch screen input, choosing to equip outlay mouse and keyboard ,simple and easy for operation.
  • The whole-new operation system, with integrated software of immunity analysis, can make direct input of hospital management and patient¡¯s information.
  • 8-channel optical fiber high speed scanning, special center orientation for elisa hole leads to quick and correct measuring result.
  • Single-board multi-item testing, even 12 kinds qualitative or measurable testing can be done simultaneously on the same board.
  • Complete quality-control way, owning the function of LJ method, X,S method and instant method and double quality-function by multi-rule, can display, store, print quality-control data and quality-control chart of each item.
  • Visible and flexible board collocation, freely setting of position and quantity of blank, comparison, standard and sample.
  • The instruments can intelligently judge the state of blank, comparison and standard according to the requirement of the program parameter.
  • Strong database can store 500 program parameters,200 thousand testing results, and more than 2 years of quality-control data and quality-control chart, and freely display and print as well.
  • The CO value and standard curve of all items can be stored permanently and be called out and printed out momentarily.
  • Automatic single/double wavelength examination, support many kinds of qualitative or measurable analytical models.
  • Support many kinds of built-in and outlay printers, print the whole report, program report and quality-control and patient general report.
  • With the function of all-scale query and statistics, convenient for the management of sections.
  • The intelligent resting protection function for prolonging the life-span of lamp.


Main technical

  • Sample form: 96 or 48 hole elisa board or strip.
  • Calculation mode: absorbency, cut-off qualitative calculation,single-point scaling,polyline regression,more-point percentage,linear regression,index regression, log regression ,power regression,double-log regression and log-logit regression.
  • Filter: standard configuration with 4 light filters of 405,450,492,630nm, can reach to 8 light filters (or according to client¡¯s requirement)
  • Absorbance accuracy: ¡À0.01A
  • Absorbance repetition: ¡Ü0.5%
  • Absorbance stability: ¡À0.005A
  • Testing speeds: 5 seconds /96 holes.
  • Linear error: ¡À0.5%
  • Display: LCD display
  • Input way: touch screen and open.
  • Interface: serial port RS232, parallel port with printer.
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