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Urine Analyzer JH-U280 - Urine Analyzer - Taizhou Juhao Import & Export Co., Ltd.
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Urine Analyzer JH-U280

This urine analyzer is a high-precision, intellectual instrument which is researched and developed for clinical inspection of urine, with the adoption of modern optics, electronics, computer and other advanced technology, it enjoys the advantage of easy operation, exact result and good repeatability.



  • Adopt high-Iuminosity, cold light source testing technology, with little power consumption, long life-span and low failure rate.
  • Compatible with 8,10 and 11 items of testing paper.
  • Automatic identification to whether testing paper is placed and automatic feeding to testing paper
  • Auto prompting to preparing next sample reaction time.
  • Report way:alternative to report half-quantitative thickness or +/-grads system,alternative to legal measurement unit or traditional unit,available to indication of exceptional value.
  • Enjoy the function of power-off protection,self-check and automatic correction.
  • Equipped with standard serial interface and standard RS232 interface,can link with external computer and printer.
  • Free choice to testing paper type produced by different factories.


Main technical

  • Testing items, GLU, BIL,SG, KET,BLD, PRO,URO,NIT,LEU,VC,PH value.
  • Testing wavelength: 550nm, 620nm, 720nm.
  • Data storage: storage of no less than 3000 sample data, free query in term of testing data and sample number.
  • Reaction time:25~30 seconds
  • Printer: built-in, high-speed, temperature sense printer.
  • Power supply:220V22V  50Hz1Hz
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