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Handheld Pulse Oximeter JH-H02A - Handheld Pulse Oximeter - Taizhou Juhao Import & Export Co., Ltd.
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Handheld Pulse Oximeter JH-H02A


                        Simple                                        Bluetooth                                      Standard


1. Three parameters:SPO2, Pulse Rate, and TEMP
2. Spo2 waveform(PLETH),PR strength display
3. 2.8 inch color TFT LCD in real time display, displayable in big font and big screen
4. Unique software for telemonitoring by transmitting data synchronously via Internet
5. Long time monitoring and sleeping monitoring
6. Storage/Review trend data up to 3888 groups, data save time interval settable
7. Via USB to upload history data to PC for review, printing or storage
8. Audio and visual alarm when parameters exceeded and sensor-off
    Common AA alkaline batteries to support 6 continuous working hours
    Battery capacity indicator. Automatic shutdown for power saving
    AC Power is OK


Standard accessories
One Adult finger SpO2 sensor
One TEMP skin probe 
One PC software CD
One USB cable


Selected accessories  
One AC charger


Dimension: 130x70x 32mm
Net Weight: 150g


This product has three types,

1. Simple type: SPO2+PR, no storage, no software, no download, no TEMP;
2. Standard type: SPO2+PR+TEMP+Storage+software+USB download;
3. Bluetooth type: SPO2+PR+TEMP+Storage+software+USB download + Bluetooth download;

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