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Multi-purpose Operating Table JH-3008D(Head controlled) - Multi-purpose Operating Table - Taizhou Juhao Import & Export Co., Ltd.
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Multi-purpose Operating Table JH-3008D(Head controlled)


It is one multi function operating table for thoracal, ophthalmology, urinology operation etc. It is a good all-round equipment for clinical use.


Suit for all surgery operating or examine
It take hydraulic pump by footboard
It take cylinder to control each action, easy to operate and localize
New configuration is more sound
Built in waste section is easy to use
Mattress is manufactured with anti-acid and alkali material  


Length: 1990mm
Width: 480mm
Max Height: ¡Ý940mm
Min Height: ¡Ü700mm
Adjust: ¡Ý240mm
Head Section Raised from the Horizontal: 0¡ã¡«35¡ã£¨Detachable£©
Head Section lowered from the Horizontal: 0¡ã¡«40¡ã£¨Detachable£©
Back Section Raised From the Horizontal: 0¡ã¡«70¡ã
Back Section Raised From the Horizontal: 0¡ã¡«10¡ã
Leg section Lowered from the Horizontal: 0¡ã¡«75¡ã£¨Detachable£©
Reversed Trendelenburg: 0¡ã¡«15¡ã
Trendelenburg: 0¡ã¡«15¡ã
Left: 0¡ã¡«10¡ã Right: 0¡ã¡«10¡ã
Adjust of Waist section: ¡Ý80mm
Load weight: 135Kg
Baseplate removed or locked

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