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Infant Radiant Warmer JH-N100A - Infant Radiant Warmer - Taizhou Juhao Import & Export Co., Ltd.
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Infant Radiant Warmer JH-N100A


Brief introduction
1. Microprocessor based servo controlled temperature system.
2. The microprocessor-controlled unit allows for three settings: pre-warm, manual or automatic.
3. Alarm functions for safety includes: Power failure, temperature deviation, Temperature sensor failure, over temperature.
4. APGAR timer to record therapy time
5. Convenient X-ray cassette under infant bed
6. Heater head can be adjusted + 90º horizontally
7. Tilt angle of infant bed is adjustable
8. Observe light angle is adjustable                                                       
9. Transparent protector folded
10. Adopts anti-explosion micro crystal quartz infrared radiation tube for its radiation source,  the heating is quick and life-span is long
11. Alarms are audible and visual
12. A second thermal cut-out function for more safety
13. Skin temperature sensor failure protect function avoid over temperature
14. Temperature deviation can be amended in front panel directly
15. LED phototherapy unit


Standard configuration
Main body (including the radiant source, control system, infant bed, bracket), X-ray cassette, Observe light, I.V. pole, skin temperature sensor, tray, mattress, transparent protector, castors. LED phototherapy unit.


Optional parts
Drawer, RS-232(485) connector


Technical data
1. Power supply: 110/220V   60/50Hz
2. Power input: 1200VA
3. Operating condition
    An ambient Temperature:18-30
    An ambient Relative Humidity: 30%--75%RH
    Atmospheric Pressure: 7001060 hPa
    An ambient Air Velocity 0.3m/s
4. Temperature control: 32桫38
5. Temperature control accuracy: 0.5
6.Mattress temperature uniformity : 2
7. Skin temperature sensor accuracy: + /-0.3
8. Warm-up time: 30min
9. Infant Bed tilt angle:+ 10
10. APGAR timer range: 24h
11. Heater head horizontal: 90
12. Mattress size: 67cm54cm
13. Distance from heater to mattress: 80cm
14. LED phototherapy light: 2pcs X 8W


Transport and storage
Environment Temperature:-40~ +55
Environment Relative Humidity: 95%
Atmospheric Pressure: 5001060hPa


Each unit is packed one case
Size: 120cm80cm95cm
Gross weight: 100kg

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