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Electric Gynecological operating table JHDC-99F - Electric Gynecological operating table - Taizhou Juhao Import & Export Co., Ltd.
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Electric Gynecological operating table JHDC-99F



The table is designed on the base of gynecology clinical examination and the special request of treatment. It can bused for gynecology, urology surgery, mirror check and diagnosis. The bed surface is streamline and conforms to the patient body posture. The dynamoelectric adjustment satisfy whole inclination. The obstetric table altitude is adjusted by the whole inclination. The bed surface, the head pillow is made of polyurethane cushion which is easy to unlade and sterilize. The bed two sides might install the vagina mirror according to the customer request. There is hide ordure basin under the bed, it is easy to handle dirty water and sundry goods.


Length: 1200mm
Width: 600mm
Max Height: 1320mm
Min Height: 600mm
Reversed trendelenburg: ¡İ20¡ã
Trendelenburg: ¡İ25¡ã
Power: AC 220V, 50HZ
Manual voltage controller: DC24W

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