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Electric Gynecological operating table JHDC-99A - Electric Gynecological operating table - Taizhou Juhao Import & Export Co., Ltd.
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Electric Gynecological operating table JHDC-99A


Various functions including giving birth to baby, gynecology surgical operation, examining a patient, checking and caesarean operation.
The whole rising, descent, forward of, backward of the inclination were manipulated by controller of Usage convenience, vivid (the switch is a feet control of), take to use of is an electric motor, low noise, function stability, reverse side importing is an air to is driving, and the angle can regulate. The auxiliary set by hand manipulates of, can be concealed. The whole of ambulation with fix and is what foot control.
The plank, basin of all outer shells, set all uses stainless steel. The color of the mattress can be chosen.


Length: 1330mm 
Width: 600mm  
Height: 750¡«990mm  
Reversed Trendelenburg: ¡Ý12¡ã
Trendelenburg: ¡Ý12¡ã
Back section raised from the horizontal: 0¡ã¡«60¡ã
Support set length length: 550mm
Support set length width: 490mm
Power: AC 220V, 50HZ

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